The Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency serves men and women, including veterans, who are experiencing homelessness, are at imminent risk of homelessness, or are residing in subsidized housing.

We strive to empower financially vulnerable individuals to become independent, sustainably employed, and economic contributors to society.





To empower financially vulnerable individuals in our community to become self-sufficient, sustainably employed contributors to society.


To be recognized as a leader in breaking the cycle of homelessness in Greater Atlanta and beyond.


Self-sufficiency, personal commitment, accountability, spiritual restoration, respect for the individual, providing a hand up – not a hand out.

History of the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

Tonight in metro Atlanta, more than 7,000 men, women and children will go to sleep in cars, under bridges, in shelters, and on the streets. Homelessness is a nuanced and complicated issue. For many, the most difficult obstacle is finding and sustaining employment. It can be the primary obstacle to establishing healthy independence.

Our work began in 1982 with the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s SLEDCO initiative, which eventually grew into the Atlanta Enterprise Center. In 1988, Samaritan House of Atlanta was founded. In 2010, the Atlanta Enterprise Center and Samaritan House of Atlanta joined forces to serve the homeless population in our community in a more impactful way, and Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (ACSS) was born.

Combining years of experience in homeless services and workforce development, ACSS offers homeless individuals the knowledge, tools, and resources required to obtain full-time employment and thrive.

Today, ACSS is the largest and most successful provider of Workforce Development resources to homeless men and women in Atlanta. Since 2010, our programs have served more than 2,500 people, and more than 1,500 have obtained full-time employment.

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