Employment Navigation Services

This independently contracted initiative, conducted within the Atlanta Continuum of Care (Atlanta CoC), assists individuals experiencing homelessness with quickly identifying employment and training opportunities, as well as benefits. The objectives are to connect people to viable employment opportunities in order to attain or maintain housing, promote self-sufficiency, and prevent a return to homelessness. This program connects individuals to employment resources/services within the Atlanta CoC’s Coordinated Entry System.

Employment Navigation utilizes a Housing First philosophy when connecting individuals to resources. This philosophy includes, but is not limited to:

• Working with individuals with various employment barriers, including those with active and/or recurring substance abuse issues or mental health needs.

• Having a commitment to serving those who are most vulnerable and in need of an immediate housing/employment intervention.

• Assisting participants with assessing barriers and actively working to address and remove those barriers at the participant’s pace and voluntary involvement.

• Focusing on resolving homelessness as quickly as possible, recognizing that homelessness is a crisis requiring urgent, focused, and effective crisis response.

• Allowing participants to choose the services and employment they feel meet their needs, within practical limits and funding requirements.

• Promoting participation in case management for purposes of developing and acting on a housing and employment plan based on individualized assessments, not as an automatic requirement.

• Connecting participants to supports and services of their choice available in the community that they need and desire, especially those for which they are eligible or entitled, to support long-term housing stability or to address other non-housing related needs.

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